Raised in Lexington Mass, I received my first artistic commission from Coca-Cola™ at 9 years old. I was given $50.00, a case of Coke, and a jacket in exchange for a regional meeting cover illustration.

My mission is to bring joy and laughter to my community through my artwork.

I have worked independently in the graphics industry since 1991 when my greeting card company began it's national distribution. Since then, my clients have ranged from Anthony Robbins and Goodwill Industries, to the local Poulsbo Cooperative Preschool and Bainbridge Island Farmers Market.

Whether it was web graphics, mind mapping, or logo development, each client used my imagery to enhance their product or performance.

My playfully colorful graphics attract attention by bringing smiles and humor to the project at hand. Stop by the studio and let's see how I can help you.

Let's have fun!

Moira McDonough